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About Us

We are Legalize Ohio. We are supporting the fight to end the prohibition of marijuana in the state of Ohio. We feel these unjust laws must come to an end. The time is now. We can use cannabis for so many things. It might be the most useful plant in the world but it remains insanely under utilized due to the laws in our country. Together with your help we can make change. In the few short weeks of our existence we have gained a tremendous following and our numbers continue to grow! We are excited about this and want to keep the momentum going! In early 2013 the Legalize Ohio team will be touring the state going from campus to campus collecting signatures vital to getting the legaliztion of marijuana on the ballot. We will also be many other events such as comfest and hempfest here in Columbus! We can do this, we will open the eyes of so many!


We have a good start and are growing; making connections daily that are essential to fighting this movement! If you think that you can help the movement then please fo not hesitate to get ahold of us here at Legalize Ohio! You can email us at [email protected]


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